As you know, you should always try to link to your Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other websites as much as you can. This helps more people to connect with you and it also is great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Here are the steps to take to add your websites to your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Log onto you LinkedIn account
  2. Next, under the Profile Tab at the top left, click on Edit Profile
  3. Then scroll down a little until you see Websites and click on Edit
  4. This will bring up another page and you will see Websites and room to put three different websites.
  5. You want to click on the drop down and click on OTHER
  6. Then don’t just type in Facebook Page or Company Website.  Actually type in the link to the website.  So you might put then in the next box, put the same thing.  This makes it so your website shows on your profile and people can also actually click it and it will bring them right to your facebook page, etc.

LinkedIn will let you add three websites, so put in as many as you can.  Some examples might be your facebook page, your twitter, your youtube account and your company website.  If you don’t have your own website, go to your company website and get yourself to the page where your personal profile is listed and copy the URL at the top of the page and copy and paste it to your LinkedIn!

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Do you know that you can post listings and receive recommendations through Facebook for FREE?? is an online classified add service that allows you to post your listings through Marketplace on Facebook and receive feedback right on your wall!

Oodle recently launched its new Recommendation Application. Recommendations are shared with reviewer’s friends in their facebook news feed, posted on the agent’s wall, and in the recommendations tab hosted on their page. With positive recommendations this app can help generate new referrals!

To begin posting listings click here

To get the recommendation app click here

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Google recently came out with a new social networking site called Google+, much like most social networking sites, except Google+ has many new features that others do not. Take a look at what this new site has to offer!

Here are some of the features:


Circles helps organize your connections into groups. Within each group you’re able share things that you would not share with any other group.


Sparks automatically provides you with news, articles, videos, and photos based on your interests.


Hangouts allow you to video chat with people in your circles.

Features for mobile devices:

Instant Upload

This feature automatically uploads photos to Google+ from your mobile phone so that you don’t have to.


Huddle is like texting. This feature lets everyone join in by combining your circle into one chat using your mobile phone.

[Click here to get Google+]

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Have you ever got a text or seen a post on facebook that had an abbreviation or acronym and you didn’t know what it meant? 

In this day and age we use abbreviation in our everyday lives, whether we are texting, emailing, or facebooking, etc. We see it all too often!

Why do we abbreviate words? We use abbreviations and acronyms to shorten a word or phrase. Let’s face it, it makes things a lot easier and we are just too lazy to type the whole word out! LOL 

This new way of communication can be tricky if you are not up to date with the lingo. So we provided you with a few helpful websites that define a ton of different abbreviations and acronyms that will have you typing, “OIC!”

Here are two very helpful websites:

Good luck from your friends at TeamPrimary! :-)

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Struggling to gain momentum with Facebook for business or just starting to figure it all out? With over 500 million members (unofficial numbers point to 700 million users), Facebook can be a powerful tool for your business. Here are five ways to take advantage of Facebook and make it work for you.

1. Say the “right” stuff

Many agents struggle with how to be a real estate professional without being obnoxious. It’s a personal network so we want to come across as human, but we also have a job to do. It’s not always an easy balance and honestly, many agents fail at it.

  • Avoid blatant self promo on other people’s posts and pages. If you go on my wall or my page and write something along the lines of “check out my new listings or my open house at xxx” or “looking to buy or sell in San Francisco, I can help!” – you end up looking obnoxious. The hard sale isn’t usually effective on Facebook (it’s a social network!), but if you do plan to be salesy, keep it on your own page or profile.
  • The more interested you are in others, the more interesting you become. This really should be the golden rule of networking, online and off. Buyers, sellers, and really people in general, care more about themselves and their problems than they do about you. Your friends, family and clients are talking and sharing their lives on Facebook. Listen to what they are saying, and when relevant, just in to the conversation, comment on their photos, or answer their questions. Be interested and you’ll be more interesting.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about your job. People are fascinated about real estate but try to find a way to pull out the interesting or unusual things that happen in your day.
    Consider these two updates: “Open House Sun, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2000 square feet.” Come see it! OR
    “Baking cookies for my Sunday open house. Should I bake oatmeal or chocolate chip?”
    Which update would you be more likely to comment on?

2. Create Friend Lists

Friends lists can be a powerful way to manage your clients, friends & family on Facebook. You say you aren’t generating business on Facebook, but do you engage with the people most likely to do business with you? I have to admit that I was active on Facebook for quite some time before I realized that the people I tended to engage with were the people the least likely to do business with me. Two of my best past clients were Facebook friends and we hadn’t communicated on the network in over 6 months. Once I created lists to manage my Facebook friends, I completely changed my Facebook experience and made it easier to connect with the people who matter most. To create a list, go to and click +Create A List. Once you have created friends lists, you can view your newsfeed by your lists.

3. Join/Create Groups

Some of our best connections come from our smallest niche networks. Have a group you are actively involved with offline? Create a Facebook group to engage and connect (or join an existing group). I have groups set up for volunteer activities, networking groups, and mom playgroups. Most of the groups I participate in are personal. I wouldn’t sell someone in them because that is not the intention of the group but I can further relationships with people in my sphere and ultimately this helps my business.

4. Create a Business Page

Business pages are a powerful way to connect with your community and they are simple to create.
To create a page, go to and follow the simple, guided steps. Business pages can be an easy and inexpensive (free!) way to update (or start) your web presence. There are numerous benefits to having a business page.

  • With a traditional website, people often view it once and rarely come back. With a business page, “fans” who opt-in receive your updates in their own Facebook news feed – making it simple for them to get your updates more regularly AND share them with their friends.
  • Facebook business pages rank well in search engines. An active Facebook page is likely to help you get found by Google and on Facebook’s own search. Make sure your keywords are in your Facebook page name – your page will rank higher in search engines.
  • Custom vanity domain names are available to help you match your page to your brand. Your vanity URL can’t be changed once it is set so choose wisely. Be cautious not to use a domain name that infringes on someone else’s trademark. To choose your vanity url, visit

We’ll be discussing business pages in more depth in coming blog posts.

5. Post Great Content

The single most powerful way to have a great Facebook page is to post great content. Great content isn’t about you – it’s about content your readers want and need. Focus your content creation efforts on what is in it for your readers. How can your services help solve their wants, needs and problems? Tailor your online efforts to address your consumers needs and your success rate is likely to rise. Not sure what to say? Check out this article about what to share on your Facebook page.

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Those who are currently using QR Codes for business and advertising may want to learn how to track the number of times their QR Code has been scanned. Below is a great article with a list of websites where you can create and track QR Codes. Check it out!

Management Tools are Available to Track Scanning Analytics

URL-shortener and web analytics for 2D barcodes storing URL hyperlinks are a great start. For comprehensive scan tracking, you’ll need to use a barcode generator tool that includes tracking analytics. (These tools are not independent.) Some management tools will merely track the number of scans while others provide detailed metrics like demographics, repeat scans, geolocation, and more. Collected analytics depends on the reader app used for scanning, so data results may vary.

Management tools are relatively inexpensive and sometimes free. Paid plans typically have a free trial with fees based on the number of scans.

2D Barcode Management & Tracking Tools:

  • ·                                 Microsoft Tag (Tag)
  • ·                                 ScanLife (EZcode, QR, DataMatrix, UPC)
  • ·                                 Tappinn (QR, UPC)
  • ·                                 Paperlinks (QR)
  • ·                                 QReateBUZZ (QR)
  • ·                                 BeQRious (QR)
  • ·                                 SPARQCode (QR)
  • ·                                 QReate and Track (QR)

[Read full article on the Top 14 Things Marketers Need To Know About QR Codes Here]

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Social networking sites such as can be very successful when it comes to getting the word out. Check out the story below to see how Facebook helped saved the many lives of homeless animals.

Article posted in Middletown Patch by Kathleen Ramunni

Animal shelters and rescue organizations harness the power of sites such as Facebook to network homeless pets, resulting in more than ever finding new homes.

As the popularity of social networking continues to explode, more and more people are finding old friends, making new ones and finding love at sites such as Facebook.

But it isn’t only people who are benefitting from the interconnectivity the sites afford — man’s best friend also is enjoying the fruits of social networking.

While for years rescue groups have used websites like to list pets in need of new homes, Facebook has added another layer of networking that has resulted in thousands of canine and feline lives saved, rescuers say.

“Facebook and Petfinder have proven to be very useful tools in helping us find forever homes for our dogs and cats,” said Lauren Dobkowski, administrator of the Meriden Humane Society’s Facebook page. “They allow us to reach people who may never have walked through our doors if they hadn’t seen an animal that interested them online.

Middletown’s non-profit, volunteer feline rescue group CATALES, the Connecticut Association To Assure Love & End Suffering, uses its Facebook page to allow people to donate funds to help the no-kill shelter.

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If you are interested in adopting a pet, visit Catales, Inc. or The Meriden Humane Society on Facebook!

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