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Crayons for Cancer

We at Primary Residential Mortgage Inc- TeamPrimary ar proud supporters of a local charity for children and their families called Crayons for Cancer. For years we have discussed being actively involved with a charity where it’s more of a grass roots type effort doing good for the community and then one day we stumbled across Crayons for Cancer, a great charitable organization which is really gaining a lot of momentum.

In the fall of 2008, the Wethersfield Evangelical Free Church, challenged families to start with a small sum of cash donated by the church, go forth and multiply it, and then donate it to someone or a group in need. Tim and Charlene were at church that day and started with $50 but had no idea how to accomplish the mission.  After a lot of praying for guidance, Shirley, the crossing guard at their children’s school, gave them a boxful of old crayons.  They didn’t know it at the time, but those crayons later inspired their daughter Emily to come up with the idea to melt the crayons down into fun shapes and sell them in order to make money for kids with cancer in honor and memory of her friend TJ who died just before reaching his 4th birthday.  So, with the $50 they purchased some cooking trays in different shapes (stars, hearts, etc), approached multiple restaurants about donating used crayons, and started Crayons for Cancer.

Crayons for Cancer’s mission is to be passionately committed to helping ease the financial burdens of families whose children are currently suffering from the devastating effects of cancer.  Their goal is to raise money by selling fun and cute-shaped crayons to replenish Family Funds and Treasure Chests at children’s hospitals nationwide while teaching children the value of helping others.  They define a Family Fund as a fund dedicated to helping families pay for expenses that health insurance won’t cover, such as daily parking fees or much needed meals from the hospital cafeteria for worn-out parents. The treasure chest prize bins are means to serve as a small source of encouragement where young patients go to choose prizes after enduring tough chemotherapy/radiation sessions or blood tests.

We actively support Crayons for Cancer by sponsoring fund raisers at local restaurants, accepting donations at our offices, selling crayons at our office and all of our events, collecting crayons at our office and all of our events in addition to spreading the word.

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Roccos Bar and Grill – Manchester, CT 8/25/2010 – Thank you to everyone who came out and supported TeamPrimary and Rocco’s for our fundraiser for Crayons for Cancer! It was an awesome event! 

Beef O Brady’s – Brewer, ME – 10/7/2010 – Everyone had a great time at our fundraiser for EMMC’s CancerCare and Crayons for Cancer! Thank you again to Beef O Brady’s for allowing us to have our fundraiser there!