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FHA Maximum Mortgage Limits as of 10.1.2011

FHA Amendatory Clause & Real Estate Certification – The FHA Mortgage Amendatory Clause and Real Estate Certification is a form filled out by the Real Estate Agents, buyer and seller at the time the real estate contract is written. It is an agreement that should the value of the house not come in all parties agree the buyer need not move forward. This is a MUST on all FHA Mortgages.

VA Escape Clause – This form is required on all VA loans and is signed by both the buyer and the seller when the contract is signed.

Team Primary Borrower Worksheet – We designed this helpful worksheet for our borrowers to help them prepare the needed documents for the mortgage loan application. This worksheet is helpful regardless if you are doing an FHA Mortgage, USDA Mortgage or a VA Mortgage.

General Forms and Information
Residential Mortgage Loan Application– For those borrowers looking to get a head start on the loan application you can download this version and complete it by hand.
Residential Mortgage Loan Application (Interactive) The same Loan Application as above except it is interactive so that you can type your information into each field.
Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages
A Consumers Guide to Mortgage Settlement Costs
HUD Settlement booklet

Letter Templates – The links below are to helpful letter templates for commonly needed letters during the mortgage loan process.
Credit Inquiry and Past Address Explanation Letter
Derogatory Credit Explanation Letter
Large Deposit Explanation Letter
Account Access Letter for Joint Bank Statements

FHA 203k Streamline Forms – The following forms are some of the common forms you will need to provide or have signed by your contractor.
W9 Form for Builder
203k Streamline Draw Information Form
203k Streamline Contractor Agreement

FHA New Construction Forms for Builders
Mortgagee Letter 2001-04 – Explaining Termite Treatment
Builder SubTerranean Termite Form

Helpful Links
– Here are some links that we have found to come in handy on a daily basis
FHA Approved Condominium Search – Find out if the condo you own or are interested in purchasing is currently approved with HUD / FHA
Fannie Mae Refinance Lookup for Borrowers – Find out if your current mortgage is with Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac Refinance Lookup for Borrowers – Find out if your current mortgage is with Freddie Mac
FEMA – Disaster Area declarations – Find out if a home you are purchasing is located within a disaster area
Experian – This is the link to the main page for Experian – Credit Reporting
Equifax – This is the link to the main page for Equifax – Credit Reporting
TransUnion – This is the link to the main page for TransUnion – Credit Reporting
VA Certificate of Eligibility Instructions – As a veteran you need a certificate of eligibility before applying for a VA loan. This link will put you right in the instructions screen on the web site.
Condo Approval Services –  A full service company that provides project approvals for all government agencies.
FHA Condo Approval Requirements – For documentation and processing requirements, please refer to ML 2009-46B and ML 2009-46A, which can be found at the following web site
Find HUD Homes for Sale – To see the latest list of all HudHomes nationwide
FHA Septic & Well Distance Letter – HUD Mortgagee letter explaining the minimum requirements for the distance between a well and septic system