Robert Wilson

Reverse Mortgage Sales Manager

It is my pleasure to work with a great client base of seniors 62 years and older in discussing and educating them on how a reverse mortgage can be beneficial to their lives.

What I really enjoy is the type of communication where individuals, couples, and family members are able to ask all types of questions in an open atmosphere.

You can attend seminars,  watch presentations,  and look at brochures but much of the pertinent information comes from personalized questions my clients and their families pose to me in the comfort of their own home.

Responding to their concerns clears away misconceptions of reverse mortgages and this forum allows for the specifics of each client to be addressed. Taking a reverse mortgage is an important decision and with open and honest communication this process is comfortable and provides great peace of mind.

I have specialized in reverse mortgages since 2005 and find great satisfaction in working with clients and their families to provide a financial solution.

This product is unique and takes a different approach than any other mortgage product because it is one that involves many facets of the families life and that is what I care about the most, family.

Please feel free to call or email me any time.