Jeff Daniels – Branch Manager

Jeff is a California boy true and through. Born and raised in Orange County California, Jeff found his way to Connecticut when his family purchased a business here in 1995. A few years later his family sold the business, packed up their things and moved back to the west coast. Jeff and his new family chose to stay  in Connecticut and raise his children here in New England. Jeff, his wife and two daughters call Manchester, Connecticut home. His hobbies include, well hold on, I did just say wife and two daughters so his hobbies include saving for college and two weddings. Ouch!
Anyone that meets or knows Jeff would agree he likes to add humor to everything. He has always had a knack for taking the edge off which is one of the reasons his mortgage career has done so well. Jeff always steps up to the plate to help others regardless of what his title or responsibilities are which is how he ended up managing others over the past five years. His current position as Branch Manager allows him to help others while still helping his clients achieve the American Dream of homeownership.

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