Shelley Haslett


I started recruiting in 1995. I have worked with engineers, computer geniuses, accountants, travel nurses and more. Over the years, I have taken some time to raise a family and tackle the PTA and Board of Education, but now and I am back and ready to recruit again.

Now, I find myself in new territory – The Mortgage Industry – but once a recruiter always a recruiter. So, I have familiarized myself with terms like Scrubbing, FHA, BPS, PMI, ARM and Reverse Mortgages. Ultimately, my job is to build relationships with potential employees as well as help new employees get their bearings when they first start with Team Primary.

If you are happy and successful in your current position, I wish you continued prosperity in the future. However, if you are merely happy or merely successful, but not both, Call Me! Life is too short to be anything but completely content with your job.  I look forward to the opportunity to speaking with anyone who is looking for the job of their dreams.